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Dog Clothes?

1. How do i get my dog used to dog clothes
2. Where is the best place to buy dog pajamas
3. I have a Dachshund mixed with a basset, mixed with a beagle, about a medium sized dog, wheighs 17 to 20 lbs.
4.What is the best way to be able to take this dog with me every where???

Chosen Answer:

My dog will tolerate clothes but she gets hot too easily this time of year. Wait until it cools down to try and get your dog used to wearing clothes.

I would try a Dog Boutique for dog PJs.

The best way to take your dog is to get him used to the car by going for short drives. Use a car seat for dogs or a seat belt designed for dogs. But do not leave your dog in the car for any length of time in the heat. I always open my windows, leave water for my dogs, and make sure the car is parked in shade, as well as, putting a shade over the front windshield to block the sun rays.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in many places. Partly, because some people abuse courtesy and have unruly dogs or dogs that they do not clean up after. There are a lot of dog friendly places. Just google and you will find some!

FYI: for those who think it is awful to put clothes on a dog, there are dogs who are shy and nervous when out in public and clothes do make them feel safer! It isn’t all about humanizing a dog!
by: Dog Trainer
on: 19th June 08


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